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Ship Food Waste Disposal

REFUSE DISPOSER AC 220V – IMPA 175582 & Ship Food Waste Disposal REFUSE DISPOSER AC 220V – 1 phase 50/60 HZ

TGMi FS300 MCS is a High powered food waste disposer including Magnetic Cutlery savers. Our machine pulverizes all types of Marine refuse including bones into small pieces for disposal. Use of this kind of equipment is necessary for compliance with the MARPOL 1973/78 ANNEX V regulation which states that the disposal of refuse will only be permitted in areas 3 nautical miles or more from shore and when the refuse has been broken down into particles capable of passing through an opening 25 mm or less in size. In all our disposers we use 1 type high power Siemens Motor with Tungsten Carbide Cutting blocs and a Stainless Steel Cutter ring. Triple lip seal protects motor from water damage. Secondary spring-loaded oil seal provides double protection against water and loss of grease. Our Disposer delivers superior performance (Max 350kg food Waste per hour), quiet operation, maximum energy efficiency and long service life.

Voltage in stock 220-1-50/60 machines in 3 phase 4 wire 440/460 Volt can be build on special request.The dimensions of the refuse disposer are H 850/865mm x W 400mm x D 600mm.


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Choose the Disposer that’s best for your kitchenWe’ve a wide choice of Food Waste Disposers, ideal for kitchens of all sizes.We also provide Dewaterers for kitchens where food waste cannot be disposed of via mains drainage. TGMi Food Waste Processing Stations Ideal for River Cruise Boats and Cruise ships.

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