The Green Machine Vertical Food Waste Processor

The Green Machine Vertical Food Waste Processor Industrial Food Waste Dehydrator

The Green Machine Vertical Food Waste Processor Industrial Food Waste Dehydrator
The CHI –V300 is a vertical unit that can quickly process swill and food waste.

Our CHI-V300 Food Waste Processor is designed to process food and preparation waste quickly and efficiently directly into the green bin.
It is the most compact machine in the World to process food waste and swill.
On 1.0 m2 you reduce the waste volume by as much as 80%.
The Green Machine CHI-V300 is suitable for every professional dishwashing kitchen.

Food waste reduction to 80%

All food waste is simply placed in the hopper, after which it is ground and dewatered thanks to our special centrifuge technology.
The volume of your food waste is reduced to 80%.
The almost dry pulp is collected in the green container and then processed in an environmentally friendly manner, for example in our new Bokashi System.
At the push of a button, a fully automatic cleaning cycle ensures a clean internal system.
The outside and the funnel are easy to clean with the accompanying spray gun.
The system is very easy to operate and requires little maintenance.
With the CHI-V300 you tackle organic waste in a socially responsible and efficient way.

The advantages

• Food waste reduction to 80%. (With our Bokashi System up to 100%)
• Freestanding stainless steel furniture.
• Easy to install anywhere, the CHI-V300 comes Plug & Play.
• Suitable for all organic kitchen waste including bones.
• Capacity: 750 kg/hour.
• 1500 to 2000 meals per day.
• Low noise level.
• Automatic cleaning cycle.
• Equipped with spray gun for cleaning funnel and outside.

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Benefits for your working environment:

  • Reduction of leaking garbage bags and heavy lifting.
  • Reduction of unpleasant odors, pests and bacterial growth.
  • Less frequent waste collection, leading to lower overall waste management costs.
  • Space and energy savings by reducing the need for refrigerated waste storage.

Environmental benefits:

  • Less exhaust fumes and wear on roads due to less waste transport.
  • Recycling waste into renewable energy such as biogas.
  • Reduced burden on sewerage systems and treatment plants.
  • More efficient and environmentally friendly waste processing.

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