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Our journey and mission

Meet The Green Machine and discover our commitment to environmentally conscious waste management and sustainability.


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Our story

The Green Machine Industrial has been operating in Europe for over 50 years and prides itself on designing and manufacturing the highest quality waste disposal units. Based in the Netherlands, we work with European companies to meet the quality standards we strive for, both on land and in the Marine & Offshore sector. Our mission is to provide effective and convenient solutions for food waste management, resulting in a cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable world.

Passionate – Committed – Professional

Our history

Since our founding, we have continuously perfected our waste management solutions. We are proud to have revolutionized the way food waste is processed and disposed of, with the aim of reducing its negative impact on the environment.

Our mission and vision


Our mission is to effectively manage and reduce food waste, resulting in a cleaner and healthier environment for everyone. We strive to minimize the negative impact of food waste and utilize renewable energy sources.


We strive for a world where waste is no longer seen as a burden, but as a valuable resource. Our vision is to provide innovative and sustainable waste management solutions that contribute to a greener planet.


This makes us unique


Our waste disposal systems are designed for quick and easy handling of food waste, making the problem of leaking garbage bags and smelly containers a thing of the past.


We strive for a more sustainable future by converting food waste into renewable energy sources such as biogas, which contributes to a reduced environmental impact.

Environmentally friendly

Our solutions not only reduce waste, but also contribute to a cleaner environment and reduced emissions through less waste transport.


We pride ourselves on the high quality of our products and their longevity, resulting in cost-effective solutions for our customers.


At The Green Machine we continually strive for innovation in waste management, which has led to advanced systems that make waste processing more efficient and sustainable.

At The Green Machine, we are committed to a greener future by providing effective and sustainable waste management solutions. We invite you to discover our products and be part of our mission to reduce food waste and protect the environment. Together we can have a positive impact on our planet.