Insinkerator Evolution 200 Supreme

Insinkerator Evolution 200 Supreme €549.00

The Insinkerator Evolution 200 Supreme is an updated version of an already impressive device, now more refined and technically advanced. This model is characterized by its ultra-fine 3-step grinding, which means that the risk of blockages is nil. A unique addition is the freedom of choice in operation: use the air pressure switch or opt for the convenience of the wireless remote control, ideal if you prefer not to drill holes in your countertop. Moreover, this handy remote control is included free of charge. The Insinkerator not only offers top performance but also security, with a 5-year Dutch warranty.

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The advantages

  • New model: Insinkerator Evolution 200 Supreme, renewed with a nicer finish.
  • Technical Innovation: Implemented technical improvements for an optimal experience.
  • Ultra Fine Grinding: 3-step grinding system, eliminates the chance of blockages.
  • Choice in Operation: Option between an air pressure switch or a wireless remote control.
  • Ease of use: Wireless remote control ideal for those who do not want to drill holes in the countertop.
  • Free Accessory: Wireless control is included free of charge.
  • Reliable Guarantee: 5-year Dutch warranty for certainty and confidence in your purchase.

Benefits for your working environment:

  • Reduction of leaking garbage bags and heavy lifting.
  • Reduction of unpleasant odors, pests and bacterial growth.
  • Less frequent waste collection, leading to lower overall waste management costs.
  • Space and energy savings by reducing the need for refrigerated waste storage.

Environmental benefits:

  • Less exhaust fumes and wear on roads due to less waste transport.
  • Recycling waste into renewable energy such as biogas.
  • Reduced burden on sewerage systems and treatment plants.
  • More efficient and environmentally friendly waste processing.

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