IMC FWD 726 For ship's galley, hospitals and restaurant kitchens.

The 726 food waste disposer is a free standing unit that offers excellent throughput and performance at low operating cost. The 726 food waste disposer can handle up to 850 covers per sitting, making them ideal for kitchens in medium sized hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals. Each 700 Series unit is equipped with a reliable, energy efficient 1.1kW, (1.5HP) motor, capable of grinding small chicken and pork bones, plate waste, vegetables, fruit and peelings. Units can be free standing, mounted under sinks, or integrated into food preparation or dishwashing areas. Each unit features tough, hardened steel alloy cutting elements, and offers a high degree of operator safety, with standard baffle and interlock systems preventing access to the grinding unit while motors are running.

  • IMC 726 Disposer cabinet model, fully prepared for immediate installation and immediate use. (plug & play)
  • Processes a maximum of 400 kg of organic waste per hour, including small bones such as spare ribs, etc.
  • Available in 1 1/2 hp 230 volt 1 phase or 400/440 volt 3 phase.
  • 50hZ & 60hZ.
  • 1.50 hp 1.1 kW.
  • Switch in the front of the furniture.
  • Automatic water valve.
  • food waste disposers tech spec uk thgm 2
  • a34 021 r10 manual 700 800fwd...
  • marpol 73 78 marine certificate 2

Benefits for your working environment:

  • Reduction of leaking garbage bags and heavy lifting.
  • Reduction of unpleasant odors, pests and bacterial growth.
  • Less frequent waste collection, leading to lower overall waste management costs.
  • Space and energy savings by reducing the need for refrigerated waste storage.

Environmental benefits:

  • Less exhaust fumes and wear on roads due to less waste transport.
  • Recycling waste into renewable energy such as biogas.
  • Reduced burden on sewerage systems and treatment plants.
  • More efficient and environmentally friendly waste processing.

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