IMC FWD 725 For ship’s galley, hospitals and restaurant kitchens.

The IMC 725 is made for welding in to table. The 725 food waste disposer offer excellent throughput and performance at low operating cost. The 725 food waste disposer can handle up to 850 covers per sitting, making them ideal for kitchens in medium sized hotels, restaurants, schools and hospitals. Each 700 Series unit is fi tted with a reliable, energy effi cient 1.1kW, (1.5HP) motor, capable of grinding small chicken and pork bones, plate waste, vegetables, fruit and peelings. Units can be free standing, mounted under sinks, or integrated into food preparation or dishwashing areas. Each unit features tough, hardened steel alloy cutting elements, and offers a high degree of operator safety, with standard baffl e and interlock systems preventing access to the grinding unit while motors are running.


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