Green solution


Key Benefits of Green Solution Grease Trap Cleaner:
• Prevents grease build-up
• Fully digests solids reducing costly grease trap pump-out costs
• Active Microbes and Enzymes rapidly break down line blockages and odor causing compounds
• Suitable for all grease trap systems
• Rapidly removes grease trap and drain line odors (does not mask them)
• Will not harm metal pipes
• Boosts bio-chemical degradation of sewerage
• Harmful bacteria and fungal growth are reduced
• Fast acting
• Easy application and can be applied to any drain or sink
• Only requires monthly treatment for optimal performance
• Reduces gas pressure in plumbing and pipes
• 100 percent organic and biodegradable
• Non-toxic, non-chemical, non-pathogenic
• Harmless to humans and the environment
• Viking Pro Drain Chief Automatic Dosing Pump Available

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